Adult Birthday Party Ideas – Let’s Cook Up One Special Rip-Roaring Par-Tay!


Gather up all your party ideas and put them into a big pot. Let them simmer gently in your mind, stirring occasionally with a thought-provoking idea. Mull over your options, take a deep breath, and plunge into Decision-Land.

To help you make that all-important theme decision, here are some of the most favorite adult party themes to consider:

Mardi Gras Theme Party – If your birthday person loves music, colorful decorations and costumes, great food and fun times, then a “trip” to New Orleans, party style, might be in order.

Over The Hill Party Ideas – You can’t have a milestone birthday without possibly considering an over the hill theme. If your guest of honor has a great sense of humor, enjoys being the center of attention or can take being the butt of a joke, then this might be the theme for you.

Western Party Ideas – If your birthday recipient has a bit of cowpoke in them, and he or she loves the wild, wild west, then you might want to consider turning your home into the O.K. Corral and host a rootin’ tootin, full-on scootin Par-tay!

ADULT PARTY GAME IDEAS – Now, that you have selected your theme, let the games begin.

PARTY GAME IDEAS – Every birthday party, even if it is an adult party, should include various games and activities for your guests to enjoy.

Ask Me About…” – This is a good ice breaker game. Prior to the party create a stack of tags that say, “Ask me about…” and then add a topic on each one. For example, “Ask me about…” my senior prom, my boss, the worst date I ever had, my first kiss, etc. As guests arrive, allow them to pick out a tag to wear.

Name That Tune – This is always a great party game, especially if your theme has anything to do with music. Basically, all you have to do is play a few bars and see which of your guests can figure out the song first. Whoever has the most points at the conclusion of the game, shall be the winner. If you are hosting a party that lends itself to a particular genre like a 50′s theme party or a luau, you could play songs that were popular during that era or conducive to that theme.

BIRTHDAY GIFT IDEAS – When it comes to gifts, fun and entertaining choices are always an option for an adult birthday. Gag gifts that are really on target with an individual’s personality, quirks, dislikes, etc. will make for a wildly great time when the opening of the presents occurs.

PARTY FOOD IDEAS – The menu will depend upon the kind of party you are organizing. If, for example, you are having a 40th birthday celebration, you might decide that it is best to have a formal dinner and hire a professional caterer. This frees up your time so you are able to devote yourself to all of the party details, decorating the venue, etc., aside from not having to cook!

Other parties naturally lend themselves to finger foods and mingling. For added fun, turn your food table into something to coincide with your theme. For example, if you are hosting a western party, turn your food table into a chuck wagon. You could also “beef” up your appetizers with a cowboy twist. Place a checkered napkin in a cowboy hat and fill it with chips or tie bandanas around your serving bowls.

As you can see, implementing adult birthday party ideas can be time-consuming and require much preparation, but the result is awesome and well worth all the effort, energy, and of course, the ear-to-ear grin on the recipient’s face!

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Top Ten Adult Party Themes to Wow Your Guests

Looking for great adult themes for your next get together? Who said kids are the only ones who can enjoy a fun theme party?

You may not want clowns, balloons, or a petting zoo for your next adult party, but how about a pirate theme! There are literally hundreds of ideas for adult party themes that will really wow your guests. Here are the top 10 adult themes in no particular order.


Did you and your friends sow your wild oats during the 60′s? Perhaps it was the 80′s or another era in time altogether. You can have great fun setting up a decade theme party. Your imagination is truly the limit for this type of themed party, you can even choose a time period before you or your friends were born!


Sunny skies, warm beaches, and hula dancers are some of the things that come to mind when you think about a Hawaiian themed party. Most of these adult parties will lean toward the luau style. Set up a tropical paradise with lots of bright colors, leis, fake palms and grass skirt on everything! Popular drinks for a luau include mai tais, pina coladas, frozen daiquiris, and Bahama Mamas! Greet everyone with a flower lei and an aloha and you are guaranteed to have a wonderful time.


Can you say Yee Haw? How about Yahoo! Western themes are always a crowd favorite with blue jeans, cowboy boots, cowboy hats and country western music. You can have your very own hoe down in the backyard. Typical western fare would include barbeque, baked beans, beer, and perhaps even a few shots of bourbon.

Movie Themes

Do you and your friends have a favorite movie? Gone with the Wind, Lord of the Rings, and even some of the popular horror flicks are great fodder for an adult themed party. Decorate in the style of your chosen genre, whether it’s the deep south or middle earth, and offer food and drink that coordinates. Your friends will love the chance to dress up as their favorite character. A movie theme is a great choice for upcoming Halloween parties as well.


There is a little magic in everyone, and what could be more fun than a magic themed adult party. Top hats, wands, and magician assistant costumes are total fun. If you wanted to go all out, you could hire a professional magician for entertainment.

Las Vegas

What happens at your party stays at your party! (At least if it’s a Vegas style affair that should be the motto.) Decorate with big fuzzy dice, black and red balloons, and provide green “felted” tables for black jack and poker games. Friendly gambling will be the underlying theme and your friends can come out in their most glamorous duds.

Harvest Theme

If you need a reason for a party why not the changing of the seasons? A fall harvest party is a very popular choice for ringing in cooler temperatures and celebrating the brilliant colors of the season. Leaf shaped invitations, pumpkin and gourd decorations, and fall activities make a wonderful party. Schedule a hayride, build a bonfire, and bob for apples.

International Food

Do you enjoy dishes from around the world? Create an international foods adult theme party. Your guests could dress in traditional clothing from around the world and bring their favorite foreign dish. Catering this type of party is also a great option.

Mardi Gras

Celebrate the spirit of Louisiana no matter where you live with a Mardi Gras style party. Massive amounts of purple, green, and gold decorations are a must, as are masks and beads. Beat the winter blues with this favorite adult themed party.

Girls Only

Want a night out with just the girls? Consider a sleepover, pajama party, or spa theme. Whether you are young or young at heart nothing beats a good old fashioned sleepover with movies, games, popcorn and ice cream! Pamper, share, or cry to a good old-fashioned chick flick with your girlfriends.


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Considerations With Adult Party Plans

If you are holding another one of those girls night out parties you might consider changing things up a bit. One of the best things you can do is hold an adult party. You can have a consultant come to your home and have a toy party, a lingerie party, and more.

If you are having another night out with the girls at your house and you have times where you all get a little bored you might want to spice things up a little. Why don’t you bring in a consultant and have an adult party you can all enjoy? This will be a big surprise for everyone but it will be so much fun.

Adult Party Plans are Educational and Fun…

When you hold an adult party one of the adult party plans you might consider is a toy party. This type of party is fun because someone will bring a bunch of different sex toys for you and your friends to look at. This gives everyone the opportunity to see what is out there and how to use them. If you have never been in a adult toy store because you are too embarrassed then this is the best time to see what is out there. You would be surprised how much fun you can make your sex life when you bring toys into the mix. You and your friends can purchase the items directly from the consultant which means you don’t have to go into one of those shops. This is very convenient and allows for a private purchase.

Another thing you might consider as part of your adult party plans is to have a lingerie party. This is so much fun and there are so many different types of lingerie you might consider. If you see something you absolutely have to have you can buy it from the consultant. The consultant is there to provide great tips about how you can wear the lingerie and what looks best for your body types too.

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Adult Party Plans Can Spice Up Your Life

So you think you are a bit of a Casanova, a woman of the world, an expert in the art of love. You may have a few tricks up your sleeve; you might use them on a hot one night stand. You may think you have all the right moves to use on your partner because you know each other so well after so many years. Or you may figure there is no point in trying something new if the old stuff has worked for so well so far. Well think again, in today’s society, upgrades are happening all the time.

The time and the place.

Never has a truer word been said. Everyone is getting the new next best phones, the next best applications for their computers and the next best television set. So maybe it’s time you think about upgrading your skills in the bedroom so whoever you are doing the ‘do’ with doesn’t want an upgrade from you. If you don’t know where to start to get some fresh ideas and new tricks from, it’s been too long since you learnt a new move. There is a whole world of adult fun and party ideas for adults waiting out there to be embraced and enjoyed. Holding an adult toy and lingerie party can be a great start to adding a few goodies to your adult toy basket. It is also a fantastic way to get together with a group of friends and share a few pointers and ideas you may never have thought of. Sex is something enjoyed by a large percentage of the adult population and an adult party is bound to be enjoyed by many.

What have they got?

At an adult party you can relax in comfortable surroundings and browse many fantastic items that can really get your heart pumping. Be prepared to branch out and have an open mind about things you have never tried before. If you have never used massage oils and flavoured lubricants before. If you have never dressed up and got into a role you never dared try or if you have never opened a book with games to play or different sexual positions to try. This is the place to start exploring. Adult party plans simply have it all and a little bit more.

Many adults have found there is lots of fun to be found at adult party plans parties. To find your new tricks and games to play, book yourself a party today.

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10 Things Not To Do When Throwing A Great Adults Party (There’s More To It Then Adult Party Bags)

Timing or planning; it is hard to say which is more important, isn’t it? Generally when throwing what you hope will be great party for adults, it’s unlikely you will want to schedule it for a Monday night of a working week. That is assuming most of your friends are 9 to 5 workers. Timing is everything from that point of view.

Planning however, is definitely what will result in your party being talked about… for the right reasons, as opposed to the wrong reasons. There’s a whole lot more to planning a fantastic adult party then ordering in some adult party bags! Yet even when you think that you have the timing and the planning right, there are still 10 things that you really don’t want to do!

The Great Adult Party – 10 Things You Don’t Want To Do

1. Now that you’ve decided to host the party of the year in your home, you really don’t want to overdo it by getting some decoration or remodelling done in time for the party.

2. You and I may be animal lovers, but not everyone else is. Don’t decide to leave Fluffy and Fido wandering around, nibbling the guests’ food. A successful adult party is a bit like a smooth film set, it will run much better without children or animals. (That is unless of course you have other children invited).

3. If children are invited, make sure you arrange a designated play area which is suitable for them to enjoy themselves. Don’t let them run all over the place.

4. Even if your house is beautiful, don’t be a house bore with your guests. Let them enjoy the party and they will no doubt enjoy your house.

5. Don’t lose the plot if someone spills drink or food on your lovely furniture, or carpet. Be calm and gracious, and clean it up without any fuss.

6. For the food, don’t be too ambitious and try to create too many elaborate dishes. Instead ensure you cater for meat eaters and vegetarians, and make dishes you know you make well each time.

7. Don’t spend all the party serving the guests, plan beforehand to have some help so that you can be the host or hostess with the “mostess”.

8. There is some truth in some of the old sayings. Don’t let the conversation wander into the classic controversial subjects such as politics or religion. It may be interesting, but it can touch a nerve with some people.

9. Don’t feel you are doing people a favour by making forced introductions. Introductions are fine, but let them happen naturally, most adults know that this is part of enjoying a party.

10. Don’t take a phone call during the party, not unless it is a life or death situation. Your mother’s tale of her annoying neighbours will wait until tomorrow.

Now that you know about these 10 things that you don’t want to do, then the next step is to decide on a fun theme for the party. A small amount of money spent on adult party themes with suitable adult party bags will contribute hugely to the success of your party!

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